"The lotus is a flower that grows in the mud. The thicker and the deeper the mud, the more beautiful the lotus blooms."

-Buddhist Chant

The lotus has an energy and a signature that automatically transports us to another dimension. It’s as if this flower doesn’t even exist in our physical dimension. The gods and goddesses of the Hindu are often times seen sitting upon the throne of the lotus. One thing we know about the lotus is it’s ability to grow through the mud. And we have a buddhist chant that states that the thicker the mud, the more beautiful the lotus. The Lotus blooms and seeds at the same time. It’s as if we squeezed all of life into a pretty greeting card, the lotus would be the stamp on the envelope containing all of time and space and all of the akasha. It’s as if it’s truth is a clear as the universal law that, “You reap what you sow.” Or, “what goes around comes around.” Also known as Karma or better yet, the golden rule of treating others the way you way you want to be treated. The lotus is the emblem of how we should live, consciously and naturally in tune with the repercussions of our actions. We should keep our essence as pure as possible, like the lotus.