• Nettle Leaf

    a nutritive tonic, 'trophorestorative' for the kidneys, diuretic, energizer, super high in a lot of vitamins and minerals
  • Bitter Orange Peel

    considered one of the strongest chi-moving herbs, breaks down tumors, accumulated masses, cysts, and stagnant old blood
  • Sage

    a deeply revered, spiritually + physically disinfecting plant
  • Rose

    relieves heat, congestion of blood and soothes inflamed surfaces, refrigerant, nervine, circulatory
  • Mugwort

    stops excessive menstrual bleeding, circulates blood, warms the channels + warms the womb, alleviates abdominal cramps
  • Astragalus

    considered, "king of the tonic herbs" in Traditional Chinese Medicine, helpful for menopausal sweating, night sweats and organ prolapse
  • Rehmannia

    tonic + rejuvenative for the uterus, kidneys, blood, tissues + yin, also counteracts dryness
  • Shatavari

    :the female ashwagandha" used in Ayurveda as a tonic; beneficial during menopause, disinfects
  • Myrrh

    ancient disinfectant for mind, body and spirit