Pictured above is Yemanya, the African + Brazilian goddess who watches over mothers during childbirth, She helps with:

  • Activating Latent Energies and Talents
  • Flowing in Harmony
  • Getting in Tune with Your Cycles and Rhythms
  • Gentle Unfolding
  • Faithfulness

All qualities necessary to have a beautiful childbirth experience. 

It has always been one of the highest regards to help women bring children into this world. As your doula, I will provide the most honest emotional, mental and physical support as is possible throughtout the course of your pregnancy and birthing process. I can provide support to you regardless of where you would like to have your child. My job as a doula is not to persuade you with how and where to have your child, but to inform and support the choices that you make! 

As an herbalist, I can provide comfort measures through our plant allies. Most of my job is done during your delivery. But prenatal visits are included in my services as well around the clock contact for your questions and concerns.

I'm practicing as a student doula with Momease. I have attened two births and am in process of completing a couple more for my certification, as well as compiling a list of local resources for various prenatal and postpartum services.

If you would like to, request my services through: http://momease.com

Thank you very much!

Contact me at mermalien13@gmail.com or (202) 531-2121 for more information.