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A premier women-centered spa service provider in Washington, DC. We cater to your desire to cleanse your yoni, reconnect with nature and tap into your roots.

Our steaming services are offered in a space that has been tailored to your healing. We are committed to providing to quality,  service and convenience. 

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What people are saying about us

To me, Little Lotus Herbals represents liberation, peace and connection to the source...I am ever so filled with bliss and gratitude to have the connection with a healer that transparently shows her respectful connection to me and the Earth. I trust my life and the care of my unborn children in her hands. It wasn't until Little Lotus Herbals that I valued emotional healing and it's correlation my physical healing.

Talu Intu

Little Lotus Herbals represents resiliency and femininity. Reclaiming the power you have over your feminine energy and ability to tune in with the intuitive vibration of nature. 


The vaginal steaming Abiana did helped with my postpartum recovery in a number of ways. Abiana explained everything she was doing and what to expect. She chose specific herbs to fit my situation. The treatment soothed and firmed my skin, and I had a chance to relax in the process!

Rhea M.


Our At-Home Spa

327 Jefferson ST NW

Washington, DC

Sunday- Friday 9am-7pm

Saturday 3pm-9pm

(202) 531-2121


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