Moon Time Wellness

As your abuelas, nanas, and grandmothers may have taught you: caring for yourself during your moon time is an important practice in maintaining your overall health.
A woman is said to be very powerful during this time (we're powerful all the time). This is acknowledged in indigenous cultures everywhere.
The moon cycles are reflective of your inner cycles. When in tune, you wax and wane together like distant sisters. A woman can always guarantee that the moon is affecting her energy and it's best when she aligns herself with it instead of going against it.  
In Ra Sekhi Arts Temple's book, Sekhmet Rising ~ it is said that " Also during this time women traditionally withdrew from society. Not because they were dirty or unclean, but because this time was special to a woman and her time to nourish herself."  

 In studying Chinese Medicine, I've learned that menstruation is seen as a yin time in your cycle. It's a time to nourish and rebuild  your energy. Just like the new moon. A time for eating warming foods such as porridges, stews, and a lot of protein. And a good time to drink red teas such as Red Raspberry Tea, Hawthorne berry tea, Roboois, etc., which help to keep the blood nourished. 

The period is likened to a postpartum period. In Asian cultures, the care given is  the same/very similar during these phases in our lives. In Thailand, the menstrual cycle is a time to keep the body warm with warming spices and teas, especially ginger and turmeric.The abdomen is also meant to be kept warm, and is therefore covered. 

And after the period, or postpartum you would fumigate (smoking the herbs under your  yoni instead of using steam) the womb to clean and realign it. Honoring  your moon time honors every phase, cycle, day and minute of your life. This practice keeps you thoroughly nourished and balanced. 


In all cultures, there is an attention given to the women during her period. This is an important time for us. Let's get in tune with ourselves, ladies! Steaming can easily be incorporated into  your self-care rituals as  you learn how to honor  your cycles.


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