Vaginal Steaming FAQ's

What is vaginal steaming? 

Vaginal Steaming is an ancient therapy involving sitting over steaming water and added medicinal herbs. The steam penetrates the vaginal canal, the perineum, cervix, uterus and potentially the ovaries.

Why should anyone steam? 

The combination of steam and herbs is healing in many ways. It repairs wounds and tears, combats infection, melts away cysts and fibroids, alleviates vaginal dryness, night sweats, and hot flashes, staunches excessive bleeding, provides a pleasant odor and pH balance to the flora and fauna of  your yoni, and even aides in fertility.

Moreover, it regulates your menstrual cycle to a consistent schedule, eliminates PMS symptoms, and eliminates cramping. It's used as post-period ritual to keep warmth and circulation in the womb, and to shed the endometrial lining in order to rebuild a healthy womb.

Where is this ancient practice found?

All over the world. Perhaps most prominent in Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic/Indian postpartum healing traditions, it was/is also used in Egypt, Ethiopia, Thailand, Italy, Russia, Korea, Germany, Tibet, Mexico, Suriname, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Northwest Amexem (North America) and so many more places.   

How do you provide healing to my specific needs?

Little Lotus Herbals™ uses hand crafted, organic and homegrown herbs  in all of our herbal blends. We have four different blends, which usually cover all women. We can set up a consultation to discuss more specific needs if  you have them. 

How should I use this as a postpartum service? 

Postpartum steaming begins 2-3 days after the delivery of your baby. It disinfects tears, lifts organs back into place, tightens the vaginal canal, disinfects and heals stitches after birth, eliminates bloating + water weight, provides circulation, ensures period will return normally, and prevents excessive bleeding.

How often should I steam my  yoni?

Steaming is most effective when incorporated ritualistically pre and post period or once a week. 

How long are the steams?

Steams are 10 minutes for first time or sensitive users, and 30 minutes for all other consecutive steams, postpartum clients and non-sensitive users. 

What are the side effects? 

Vaginal steaming  may cause increased cramping, irregular discharge, itchiness from cleansing bacterial growth, bumps, emotional release, earlier periods (overall cycle will be 28-30 days long), or brown discharge. Symptoms are temporary effects of cleansing. 

Is it okay for me to steam?


1.  you are currently on  your menstrual/ moon cycle or are experiencing fresh spotting

2. you are pregnant.

3. you are trying to conceive, DO NOT STEAM after ovulation.

4. you have 2 periods a month, have spontaneous bleeding or spotting. 

5. you currently have a "burning infection".