Vaginal Steaming

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Imagine- your womb is a holy and sacred place. A portal into unseen dimensions and unexplored realms. Deep inside, you know that this is true of yourself and you’re wondering ~ “ How can I hear my womb? How can I listen? How can I become confident and fully aware of her voice?”

Vaginal Steaming is an ancient practice that allows you to tap deeply into yourself: to cleanse, to heal, to realign, to trust, to  learn and to open up to life. It’s used as ritualistic cleansing post-period and postpartum.

Steaming, when done consistently, targets and eliminates old residue, mold and yeast, increases vaginal nectar, improves sleep, reduces stress and drastically improves moon time wellness and so much more.

Steams last either 10 or 30mins depending on  your sensitivity. 

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